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Greg Merrett has always wanted to be his own boss, so after racking up 25 years in hospitality, marketing and sales, the former chef/restaurateur opted to join a franchise.

Today, he’s the managing director and national franchisor of Purify Air Con Cleaning.

The franchise model is one that Greg is passionate about passing on to new business owners looking for an opportunity with a difference.

“Two years ago, we had six franchises and now we have 15, so we’re heading in the right direction. Our goal is to have 50 franchises around Australia and potentially New Zealand.”

Greg is a big supporter of the everyday digital currency, Qoin, and now, Purify Air has joined ecosystem as its first franchisor.

It is accepting 30 per cent Qoin for its full turnkey franchise opportunities.

“I really support the concept of Qoin and what the company is trying to do,” Greg said. “In addition to my operation in Springwood Brisbane, four of our franchise owners are now also accepting Qoin in the Gold Coast, Springfield Lakes, and Morley in Perth.”

He says he uses Qoin every week and has no problem spending it.

“Not just for income, but to spend on the home like the driveways, getting windows cleaned, our solar panels cleaned, and we just had a guy join up and now we’re getting our window blinds clean.

For the right person, anything is possible when it comes to a Purify Air Con Cleaning franchise, according to Greg.

“Our franchises are full turnkey, meaning everything is setup for you, including hands-on training and comprehensive kit, marketing materials, local website and Facebook page, 24-hour call centre and use of our 1300 number – and your own mobile number – no other franchise I know of does that.”

Purify Air Con Cleaning has recently added fogging and spot mould treatments to its list of services, in addition to air conditioning unit installation.

“We have no problem with customers wanting to use their Qoin to use our services,” Greg noted. “These are customers that may not spend their cash but are happy to spend their Qoin. It’s a great alternative currency.”

The company has also partnered with Bribie Island owned business, Force Field, which manufactures a next generation hand sanitiser using nano technology.

The hand sanitiser at 4 cents per day, is water-based, environmentally friendly and non-toxic so it doesn’t dry or irritate your skin and is proved to last up to 24 hours or 10 hand washes after a single use.

For our Air Con Cleaning Sanitation, Mould or Covid-19 Fogging treatments we use the Force Field TGA approved (ARTG Identifier 345410ARTG four-in-one Disinfectant and Protector with 30 days’ Covid-safe surface contact.

“Dirt, bacteria and mould accumulate in all air conditioning systems. With the added threat of COVID-19, it’s crucial that Australians understand the importance of air quality and regular maintenance with a trusted supplier that uses safe and effective cleaning products.”

For more on the services provided by Purify Air Con Cleaning or to explore a franchise opportunity check out the website.