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Roccoco Botanicals continues to clean up with its award-winning skincare products, and now the team is waxing lyrical about its new partnership with Qoin.

Founded by medi-chemist and former beauty therapist/nurse Jacine Greenwood about a decade ago, the Gold Coast-based company is 100 per cent Aussie owned and run.

“I started Roccoco because I could not find anything on the market that successfully treated both an acne skin as well as aging at the same time,” said Ms Greenwood.

“I saw a disconnect in the market with products being sold to treat skin conditions, yet they contained ingredients that exacerbated and made the conditions worse.”

She told us that Roccoco’s range of products are formulated based on a deep understanding of the chemistry that works to resolve skin issues.

“Whilst our original target market was acne, we now find that clients with all skin conditions end up contacting us hoping for a solution,” she added. “We also treat successfully pigmentation, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, mollusum contagiosum and atopic dermatitis.”

In addition to the company’s award-winning cleansing oil, the complete Roccoco range is now available to purchase on Qoin through their website

“When presented with the opportunity to join Qoin, I immediately saw the opportunity in it. It’s another avenue to bring revenue in, without any cost to join,” added Ms Greenwood.

“Since joining the community, we’ve managed to get some of our clinics on to Qoin as well.

“I believe there’s great potential to get our products out there with Qoin and people are looking for ways to spend Qoin within the network.

“We don’t have any limitations on accepting Qoin, all of our products are purchasable using the digital currency.”

Roccoco Botanicals is one of the more than 38,000 merchants to have joined the Qoin community in the past 18 months. For more on the business check out their website or find them in the directory.