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When it comes to running a small business, or achieving personal goals for that matter, it is often our perceived limitations that hold us back.

It takes a positive mindset to become a successful entrepreneur. That is where GAP Coaching comes in.

“We look at business coaching, we look after personal and professional development, but what we’re really doing is helping people take the limits off and bring a positive mindset back into the business realm,” said coach/mentor Sandy Ritchie.

Between them, Ritchie, and his business partner Larry McCann, have decades of experience in personal development, counselling, and consultancy, so they are well versed to ‘bridge the GAP between where you are and where you want to be’.

“Every organisation, no matter its reason for existing or its composition is made for growth and to become all that it can be,” according to the GAP Coach Approach.

Whether interested in business coaching packages and courses or casual consultations, the GAP team has a program for you.

“Sandy has been a great encouragement to me,” said Queensland-based client Vicky Donaldson. “I have also enjoyed the little ‘boot camp’ courses that he facilitated. The questions have made me stop and re-evaluate my thinking of certain things and gently encourage me to step out and grow.”

GAP Coaching joined Qoin last year and are happy with what it has offered their business.

“I actually really love the concept,” said Ritchie. “It’s a great, second economy if we can call it that.”

Taking 50 per cent cash and 50 per cent Qoin on their services, the team at GAP say they’ve had a ‘terrific experience’ with the digital currency that’s designed for everyday and believe that FinTech is the future.

“It’s very much coming into its own now … and it’s giving people different ways of looking at how they actually live their lives,” added Ritchie.

“I kind of like living outside of the box, and in that way, I think digital currencies like Qoin are a good way of doing that.”

For more on GAP Coaching head to their website and to book with some Qoin click on the Contact Us page.