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Anton Cavalli has his heritage and love of coffee to thank for providing him strong motivation to help him beat cancer.

“Coffee’s been a big part of my life,” Anton admitted. “Although, I didn’t think I’d ever go into the actual production and roasting side and market my own brand.”

A passionate barista with Italian/Australian roots, Anton loves the hustle and bustle of the café scene, but his life to this point has been anything but ordinary.

After a challenging childhood, Anton was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 14. After 13 surgeries he had to learn how to walk again, which he did. Then, last year, the self-professed extrovert while coasting along, ‘content to be a humble barista’ he was dealt another blow.

“I fell over and broke my ankle, it was a small misstep that also led to the discovery of stage four bone cancer, I was diagnosed as terminal, right before I got engaged … it was a tumultuous year,” the self-professed extrovert recalled.

After undergoing chemotherapy, Anton had the opportunity to meet Phillip Di Bella, a legendary figure in the coffee industry and the founder of Di Bella Coffee and The Coffee Commune.

Mr Di Bella became Anton’s business mentor, instilling in him a positive mindset that proved invaluable to him and his business Cosa Nostra Coffee, which he runs out of Woody Point in Queensland’s Moreton Bay region.

“Within eight months, I went from a terminal diagnosis to being told that most of my cancer was dormant, I put part of that down to my coffee curing me. Not in the sense of the actual coffee,” Anton said. “But my coffee was a distraction and provided me with an outlet to be more positive about my future.”

As you would expect, keeping a positive mindset was more than half the battle.

“The journey I’m on now is more than just a job for me, it’s a lifeline. It’s a way that I can provide for my family and give me hope for the future.

“I’m now on an ever-growing adventure with coffee. Aside from the good smells and great tastes, I’m learning the ins and outs of producing coffee and changing my products constantly.”

With coffee guiding his way forward, Anton made a decision a few months ago that would not only help him reach more customers but also provide him another revenue stream.

He joined the Qoin Merchant community and accepts 100 per cent Qoin on its bean/grind bags (one bag per customer), and 50 per cent Qoin and 50 per cent cash for other coffee products within the range.

“I think Qoin is well worthwhile for any business to consider,” Anton said of his venture. “Life is short. We should really appreciate it and show gratitude for it, and live life to the full.

“I wish everyone the best with their financial endeavours on Qoin.”

For more on Cosa Nostra’s offerings head to the company website or head to Anton’s listing in the Qoin Directory.