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Fuel Drop, which operates primarily in Darwin and Palmerston, and are setup to deliver fuel to remote regions, is a mobile fuel station that has radically changed the way commercial fleets and drivers can fill up their vehicles.

In addition to refuelling vehicles, Fuel Drop also delivers fuel for generators, backhoes, lighting towers, excavators and other machinery.

Founded in 2019 and operating 24/7, Fuel Drop is largely used by civil construction companies throughout the Northern Territory that require refuelling for plant and machinery without interfering with operations.

“Down time of drivers has long been an issue,” founder, Jake Eggleton, said today.

“For any company with a fleet of vehicles, they often experience dramas with using multiple fuel cards or losing receipts. Fuel Drop eliminates all of that. We’re setup to streamline people’s operations.

“We can come in to refuel plant and machinery in the mornings or evenings, reducing down time of their drivers. Our goal is to make them more efficient, saving time and money.”

Much like Uber, fuel is logged into one single app, making Fuel Drop a faster and more convenient option for commercial operations and now, customers can use Qoin, instead of cash, to fuel up.

“Qoin seems to be continuously growing, as businesses keep registering, so it gives customers and retailers confidence,” Mr Eggleton said.

“There are advantages to registering your business on Qoin. It’s an additional way to make money.

“For us, it’s about trust.”

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