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7 April 2022

The Qoin community recently voted for group leaders of the 5 community groups: Community Standards Group, Merchants Fair Trading Group, Technology Development Group, New Projects Group & Global Expansion Group.

These leaders will play an integral part in the ongoing development of Qoin as we continue to build a global community of buyers, sellers, and traders.

BPS is pleased to announce that an audit has been conducted of the voting results, and the following Community members have been voted in. They have each committed to lead the below groups. An inaugural meeting will be held with all leaders in the coming weeks to discuss structure of the groups and next steps to elect forum members.

Qoin Community Standards Leaders

  • Tim Bolot – Leader
  • Mark Boden – Deputy

Qoin Merchants Fair Trading Group Leaders

  • Nick Pratt – Co-Leader
  • Peter Gordon – Co-Leader

Qoin Technology Development Group Leaders

  • John Beck – Leader
  • Lee Barton – Deputy

Qoin New Projects Group Leaders

  • Sean Colman – Leader
  • Emil Verster – Deputy

Qoin Global Expansion Group Leaders

  • Darryl Toreaux – Leader
  • Paul Chaffey – Deputy

The below is a list of nominees and the ranking position they achieved based on the Qoin community voting results. Nominees were limited to lead only one group, to ensure that the Qoin community has sufficient coverage of independent voices leading these groups. On that basis the top 2 ranking nominees have been appointed based on the results.

Voting results for Community Standards

  1. Tim Bolot
  2. Mark Boden
  3. Sean Colman
  4. Peter Gordon
  5. Shakti Raj
  6. Emil Verster
  7. Nick Pratt

Voting results for Merchants Fair Trading Group

  1. Geoff Gillette
  2. Peter Gordon
  3. Sean Colman
  4. Emil Verster
  5. Nick Pratt

Voting results for Technology Development Group

  1. Tim Bolot
  2. John Beck
  3. Lee Barton
  4. Emil Verster
  5. Nick Pratt

Voting results for New Projects Group

  1. Tim Bolot
  2. Sean Colman
  3. Emil Verster
  4. John Beck
  5. Peter Gordon
  6. Tim Harrison

Voting results for Global Expansion Group

  1. Darryl Toreaux
  2. John Beck
  3. Paul Chaffey
  4. Nick Pratt
  5. Emil Verster
  6. Tim Harrison