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Community Update

The contents of this announcement are point-in-time statements. Please note the date of publication.

26th October 2022

Further to enquiries and requests today from the Qoin Community to make available the BPS Financial Pty Ltd “BPS” licensing arrangements, BPS hereby publishes below the link to the ASIC website which reflects BPS as an Australian Financial Services Representative “AFSR”, number 001279598, and a PDF of the AFSR document from ASIC’s website. You can view the PDF document here >>

  1. Enter Keyword: BPS Financial
  2. Select Register: Australian Financial Services Authorised Representative
  3. Click: Search
  4. Select: BPS Financial Pty Ltd
  5. Click: View Summary PDF

BPS reminds every Community Member that the Qoin Blockchain is built on the leading Quorum platform in the USA.

All Users’ Qoin tokens are held on this secure Blockchain and transacted through your self-custodial Qoin Wallet. Therefore every User controls their own tokens.

BPS will keep the community updated as it is able to.