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27 September 2022

The crypto and digital assets space has endured a year of turmoil with the collapse of several projects amid the ‘crypto winter’ hysteria, challenging external macro-economic influences including inflation and higher interest rates, the EU energy crisis, and the slowing of the Chinese economy.

This economic disruption has undeniably impacted the progressive and innovative fintech sector, but how has it effected public perception, behavioural trends, and adoption?

Abra, a world leading crypto wealth management service partnered with financial media platform Real Vision to conduct an extensive survey to determine community sentiment towards the crypto market and how and if attitudes have shifted.

The survey examined thousands of community members and provided insight into crypto adoption, borrowing behaviour, and habits.

The new data can help tech professional’s understand consumer behaviour, and how it correlates with price action to improve products and services to meet and exceed consumer expectation moving forward.

Top Three Takeaways from the survey

  1. Trust and Security – Trust and security was ranked as the single most important factor when selecting a crypto service provider or platform.
  2. HODL – Over 75% of respondents revealed that they would either hold or grow their crypto holdings during a slump. (54% are looking to add crypto to their portfolio in this economic decline).
  3. DeFi Education – The majority of participants want to further their learning and knowledge on decentralized finance (DeFi), which is key to the development of financial markets through blockchain technology. (Crypto enthusiasts preferred video as their method of learning!)

Following a period of turbulence, the broader crypto ecosystem is beginning to gather momentum and consumer confidence is restoring which presents an opportunity for emerging platforms like Qoin to gain long-term market share.

What is Qoin?

Qoin is a digital currency that is designed for everyday payments to help business owners use their surplus capacity to maximise their earnings potential.

Qoin is a new digital currency built on a world class blockchain, that is backed by participating businesses that accept Qoin as payment or part payment for real goods & services.

The Qoin model allows Merchants to tokenise this surplus capacity by accepting Qoin as payment to help sustain cashflow and make the most of downtime within their business.

Qoin provides an additional sales channel that is simple, secure, and super-fast for your customers. It is based on the Quorum Blockchain, developed by JP Morgan and Microsoft to deliver faster transactions with all the security afforded by scalable blockchain technologies –