14 July 2022

As the crypto winter continues to instil fear into many, FTX CEO Sam-Bankman Fried has renewed optimism that the short-term phenomena can lead to an abundance of opportunity.

The young billionaire recently spoke at length with economist and investment strategist Raoul Pal in an insightful interview.

The pair discussed the state of the macro economy, inflation, tokenising traditional financial markets, and what the current ‘mess’ means for the future of crypto.

While he makes no promises, Bankman Fried believes that the worst of the crypto crash has passed and external factors such as monetary tightening from the Federal Reserve have impacted traditional financial markets alike.  

Crypto visionary Raoul Pal shared a similar sentiment saying that this is not a crypto event – this is just a liquidity event.

The FTX CEO alluded to two overarching pain points that are hindering the industry, one is regulatory clarity, the other is market acceptance.

He reinforces the fact that we’ve experienced waves of technological disruption over the past 30 years, so why should we view the adoption of blockchain technology any different?

The implementation of crypto regulation will help to secure capital to improve the ecosystem an address challenges like the execution of a beautiful user experience, and blockchain speed and scalability.

Sam and Raoul agreed that there is not yet a listed crypto project they have seen that offers an easy and beautiful user experience.

Here at Qoin.com our tech team is working very hard on our app to be the first beautiful user experience in the crypto world.