The benefits & versatility of Qoin: How will it help you?

Not all digital currencies are made the same. You may be vaguely familiar with the buzzwords of digital currencies—blockchain, nodes, exchanges, etc.—but not all digital currencies interact with these technologies in the same ways. In fact, some are much better suited for specific purposes than others. Qoin, for instance, is ideal for small business owners.

Digital currency trading can be a complicated business, which is why some business owners have steered away from it. Fortunately, innovations in the way we trade and market digital currencies has made it possible to deliver avenues for cash flow to Australian businesses. Below, we’ll explain what makes Qoin a digital currency success story, and how your business will benefit from joining this exciting new merchant ecosystem.

What makes Qoin different?

Qoin was developed to capitalise on an under-appreciated problem in the Australian business ecosystem: What do small businesses do with their spare capacity?

Small business owners account for just 6% of the world’s population, but over 90% of the world’s businesses. However, as much we may want to shop local and support our small businesses, many simply don’t have the resources that their larger, corporate competition enjoys. Small businesses find it more difficult to offer rewards programs and marketing, which big businesses can use to move spare capacity and maximise revenue on their inventory and service investments.

Meanwhile, most digital currencies remain volatile and can seem untrustworthy, as they are not backed by any central authority or commodity. The decentralised nature of these digital currencies makes them immune from interference, but the lack of regulatory control keeps many business owners sceptical of their potential to improve cash flow.

The Qoin model stands apart from other digital currencies in that the value of Qoin increases as the merchant ecosystem grows. The more businesses that join the Qoin community, the more everyone benefits, providing a vital boost to local economies. Qoin is backed by the goods and services of participating businesses within the ecosystem. With more than 25,000 validated merchants now trading in Qoin, the result is an ecosystem where digital currency works more favourably for business owners, and creates a digital currency tailor-made to sustain cashflow and make the most of their down time. Qoin enables them to do both while offering a payment method to their customers that is fast, secure and virtually contactless.

Qoin’s unique benefits

Qoin is one of few digital currencies that can be used to purchase real, everyday goods and services online. Qoin is based on the Quorum Blockchain, developed with JP Morgan and Microsoft to deliver faster, simpler transactions than other digital currencies, with all the security afforded by scalable blockchain technologies.

Qoin is completely interchangeable with cash, and can be converted directly into goods and services through the Merchant network. Backed by the Qoin Association, business owners can finally utilise a digital currency that is stable, reliable, and built into a secure system.

Open your business to the future

Your business is all about connecting with consumers. Qoin opens new doors for buyers and sellers alike to move spare capacity with a digital currency that grows in value, lifting the revenue potential for everyone in the community. Usher your business into the future. Get started with Qoin today.

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