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It was a hive of activity at the Gold Coast Small Business Expo last week with as many as 80 of the 200 exhibitors accepting payment on Qoin.

With more than 1,000 people through the Carrara Indoor Sports Stadium gates on the day, organiser Paula Brand announced the Qoin-partnered event as the biggest of the small business expos on the Coast.

The chant ‘We love Qoin’ rang out across the venue as designer Diane Henley-Smith, her colourful fashion team, and artist Lynn Jaanz got into the spirit of the day.

Qoin Accepted Here signs and QR codes blanketed the venue with merchants selling everything from coffee and underwear to air pods and technical equipment, to clothing, life coaching services, and jewellery.

The Exclusive Jewellery and Antiques Company was one of the busiest Qoin merchants of the day with customers interested in the vast array of pre-loved jewellery and collectibles on display.

“I just love Qoin,” one customer told us as he prepared to make his second purchase of the day. “I’ve bought a couple of linen shirts already and am just buying this pearl necklace for my partner.”

Naomi Galliano, a relative newcomer to Qoin, made her first sale at the expo, selling one of her books to an interested customer.

The Gold Coast mum said she was thrilled to be able to assist young mums who may be struggling and offer Qoin as a payment option.

“I wanted to help other women,” Ms Galliano said, adding that her sole focus is on empowering mums who feel unhappy in motherhood and struggle with anger and guilt to break the negative cycles that keep them stuck.

Qoin’s Q Shop stand not only educated attendees and sold stock, but it also hosted a series of panel discussions on the day. Overall, the team was pleased with the interest from the community.

The next Small Business Expo that Qoin play a key role as principal sponsor is to be held at Moreton Bay on September 29.

For a full wrap-up of the Gold Coast event be sure to tune into QDN this Wednesday evening.

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