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Overview as at 20 January 2020

Ticker: QOIN

Type: Utility coin

Country of initial issue: Australia

Maximum authorized cap: 10B coins

Coins issued: 200 million

Total coins in circulation: 200 million

Month of first issue: January 2020

AUD price per QOIN: AU$0.15

USD price per QOIN: US$0.10

Accepted currencies: Fiat, BTC, ETH

Status of blockchain and wallets: Completed

Merchants in ecosystem: 500

Market capitalisation in AUD: AU$30.0 million

Market capitalisation in USD: US$20.0 million

Future issue of coins

  • New Qoins can only be minted into the Reserve when a new Registered Merchant is on-boarded into the merchant ecosystem
  • New Qoins to the value of US$7,500 will be minted at the Qoin price when the Registered Merchant joins the ecosystem and agrees with the terms & conditions
  • The Reserve is authorised to distribute the minted Qoins to the following recipients:
    • Node validators
    • Sales Agents that attract, recruit, and sign-up merchants
    • Service Providers that onboard the new merchants
    • Merchants that reward and incentivise their customers
    • Consumers for approved rewards and incentive programs
    • Tech development to continuously enhance the user experience
    • Exchanges
  • A super-majority of Qoin Association Members must annually review and approve the prices paid to the above recipients to ensure that payments remain market related.
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