Referral and Merchant Incentives

Qoin is focused on bringing in more new merchants, products, and services to Q Shop. This will help the community spend their Qoin and enhance their utility experience.  You can help us bring in businesses that you want to spend Qoin with through our merchant introduction competition.
For every eligible and validated new merchant you introduce to the Qoin community up until the end of Dec 2023, you will receive a reward of US$100 worth of Qoin!

To help you with your introduction of new merchants to the community, we can further confirm that all new merchants will also receive AUD/NZD $250 worth of Qoin for registering their business with Qoin and completing their Q Shop Business Listing and Validation Process.


Referring is easy. Either click the REFER NOW button below & complete the details or ask the merchant you are introducing to add your email address affiliated to your Qoin wallet to the ‘REFERRED BY’ box within the merchant registration link within the Qoin wallet.

To recap, that’s US$ 100 worth of Qoin for you as the referrer and US$ 100 worth of Qoin for the new merchant that you have helped to become part of the Qoin Community!

Help us to help you build the Qoin community today!


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Welcome to Qoin

– Can a digital currency be used to easily buy products and services?
– Could you handle more customers in your business?
– Are you tired of paying fees and charges to an intermediary?

Did you know that well over 90% of all businesses are small to medium? Generally, customers prefer to shop local, however, these businesses, often don’t have the resources or time to invest in ways to compete with big businesses. That’s where Qoin comes in.

Everyone is talking about cryptocurrency, Qoin has found a way to bring digital currency to the real world, where shoppers can easily spend in-store or online. It’s hard to buy a coffee with cryptocurrency, but simple with Qoin.

In this video, we will show you why businesses have come onboard since January 2020, and why it can work for you.


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