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Today, AlphaWallet is extremely excited to announce a new partnership we have entered with Bartercard to TOKENISE EVERYTHING. Some may think that this is ambitious of us, but we believe that it is possible. AlphaWallet along with Bartercard wants to use blockchain to help the global SME community develop a real token economy that has intrinsic value.

To give a little bit more background, Bartercard recently established the Qoin Association which built an Ethereum based network using Quorum and created the Qoin blockchain. Quorum was built in partnership by JP Morgan Chase and Microsoft.

They soon began issuing Qoin as a native currency, backed by goods & services, for their new blockchain. The goal is to enable a digital currency that empowers millions to trade and interact with each other around the world.

Recently, AlphaWallet and Bartercard developed the Qoin Wallet. This wallet will use Qoin as its payment token. Qoin Wallet will also feature other delivery tokens enabled by TokenScript like:

  • Tokenised vouchers
  • Tokenised receipts
  • Tokenised invoices
  • Tokenised hotel rooms
  • Tokenised restaurant tables
  • Tokenised delivery services
  • Tokenised reward points etc

The benefits of this type of system come from introducing a frictionless market with different services and systems integrated with tokens. A frictionless market makes trade much easier and cheaper no matter where you live. A market like this would create easier access to payment services, and it would create a rewards system that merchants could implement through tokenisation.

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Published by:
Victor Zhang