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Gazing at her dogs playing in the sunshine one afternoon at the park ignited an idea for Karen and her husband…

“How wonderful would it be to sit here, enjoy a coffee, and have a bite to eat while the dogs run around?”

Already balancing a full-time teaching career, the idea eventuated into a hobby which has now transformed into a thriving business.

Based in Logan, Pawfect Place has evolved from a dog friendly café to a one stop shop for your furry friends that accepts 100% Qoin! 

Set on a new five-acre property, Pawfect Place Doggy Day Care and Spa offer grooming and a pet motel service for Qoin customers.    

“We’re not a kennel, the dogs have free range to play all day with our caring staff and the facilities are second to none,” Karen explained.

“By summer we’re hoping to open the dam and build a new dock for the dogs to jump off and swim – this will accompany the obstacle course, outdoor grooming shed and air-conditioned doggie rooms inside.”

Qoin Merchant Pawfect Place

A friend obsessed with the latest trends recommended Qoin to Karen and the concept sparked an immediate interest.

“I thought you know what I’m going to try this – I joined Qoin when it first launched, and I have picked up new customers as a result.”

“A dog was booked in for three nights while the owner was holidaying, and it ended up staying with us for 15 nights – the owner extended her holiday and just kept topping the Qoin up,” Karen said.

“There’s no way that would have happened on cash, but Qoin made it possible.” 

It hasn’t always been a walk in the park for Karen and her husband, the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the motel side of the business.

“We were lucky to survive COVID to be honest – I had to use my personal money to keep us afloat during a challenging time,” she admitted.

As travel restrictions ease across the country, the business has begun to rebound, and motel bookings are picking back up in 2022.   

Filled with fun activities, The Pawfect Place offer both a structured half and full day program to stimulate and excite your pooch.

Pawfect Place Doggy Day Care and Spa accept 100% Qoin

The team run outdoor morning activities which can be anything from lead work, sensory stimulation, bubble play, obedience training, swimming, or digging for buried treats in the sandpit.

All the staff are trained in dog behaviour and can read the temperament of individual dogs which helps to understand their unique personalities and minimises any potential issues.

Planning a getaway? Pawfect Place Doggy Day Care and Spa accept 100% Qoin on all services including motel stays and day-care.