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We believe that all people should have the equal opportunity of success. Every individual should have the ability to grow their own wealth.

We have designed a digital community without barriers offering everyone the ability to earn, grow and enhance themselves and their families for a better future.

We are achieving this through our digital currency Qoin. Be a bigger part of your prosperous potential.

The Q Consumer Experience

The Qoin that Grows

  • A unique opportunity to join in the future prosperity of your digital community
  • Affordable Q Rewards and Q Back offers available to be part of your Qoin success
  • The more people and merchants joining the community, the more valuable Qoin becomes

A Qoin for Everyday

  • Your Qoin can be used for everyday goods and services with thousands of participating merchants around Australia. New Zealand will soon add 4,000 merchants
  • Your Qoin can be used to buy products and vouchers via our future online Marketplace
  • You can grow your Qoin by selling excess items like bicycles, cars, caravans, boats, jet skis, and household items

The Qoin that is Simple & Secure

  • Your personal Q Wallet holds your Qoin, a directory of merchants and transacts whenever you are ready
  • Your wallet will let you purchase from our future Marketplace at anytime
  • Your wallet is your “scan and pay” solution when visiting any participating merchants
  • Your wallet can hold multiple currencies

A Qoin that Rewards

  • Help to grow your digital community through your friends and family to earn Qoins for you and them
  • Spending your Qoin at participating merchants to earn exclusive Q Rewards
  • The more the community grows the more valuable your Qoin becomes

3 Easy Steps to Get Started


Download your wallet


Purchase your Qoins


Start earning more Qoin to spend in your community

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