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Being a part of the Qoin Community provided the opportunity of a lifetime for Qoin Merchant Peter Edwards and his small family business.

Peter’s Westcoast Landscape & Design have been offering all aspects of landscaping to people’s dream homes in Mandurah in Western Australia for over 20 years.

Peter’s long-standing reputation within the community, and with other local Qoin Merchants helped launch his business into developing a project for one of Australia’s largest and most trusted home builders.

Peter was invited by Qoin Merchant Ben Heath to work alongside a team of Qoin tradesmen on a Display for G.J. Gardner Homes in Vasse, more than 165 kilometres south of his area. 

“If it wasn’t for Qoin I would have never worked on that project being in a completely different town – but because I accept Qoin I was contacted to help on one of my biggest projects ever,” he admitted.

Peter and the dedicated team at Westcoast Landscape love bringing beautiful garden designs to life that truly make your home your haven.

“When you drive home in the afternoon from work, it’s refreshing to have a space to retreat to outside,” he said.

“The kids are going to be more inclined to play outside in the yard and will spend less time inside in front of the telly.”

Peter originally grew up on a 6,000-acre wheat and sheep farm in the Avon Valley and relocated to Mandurah in 2000.

Twenty-two years on, in the face of the Pandemic and hard border closure in Western Australia, Peter’s humble family business is booming with his youngest son by his side.

“We’ve got a very strong Qoin Community in Mandurah and it works for all of us who trade regularly with one another,” he said.

“I’ve got a local artificial turf wholesaler who I buy from at 50/50, and I’m actually doing a job right now for Patrick from Outback Leather Products who has featured in the Q Mag before”.

Fascinated by the concept of Qoin and digital currency, Qoin Master Agent Darryl Toreaux welcomed Peter to join him at the Qoin roadshow down in Bunbury.

Soon after, Peter signed up as a Qoin Merchant and purchased his first package.

Qoin has fast become a family hobby in the Edwards household, Peter’s wife and boys are all avid consumers.

“I’m loving it, my wife and I are heading to Busselton for a wedding, and we’ve booked our accommodation on 50/50 Qoin”.

A newcomer to the world of cryptocurrency, Peter is optimistic on the potential of Wrapped Qoin and is willing to give it a crack. 

“I’m coming up towards retirement, and it will be great to have the option to wrap my Qoin or continue spending it how I want as a utility token,” he said.

Westcoast Landscape & Design are experts in bringing you the best landscaping service in Mandurah and surrounding areas.