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Candice Dianna loves recording in the studio just about as much as she loves performing on stage and waitressing, but it is Qoin that is hitting all the right notes right now.

Convinced by a close friend to join Australia’s first digital currency community, Candice saw the value in it immediately.

“My friend Bianca asked me to come to into her café and sing, but get paid in Qoin,” she said from the loungeroom of her Gold Coast home. “I thought, well, you know, it is during the week and I’m not working anyway – my gigs are usually on the weekends in the evenings – so I said yes.”

With the performance fees being paid in Qoin and patrons tipping her that way too, Candice said her foray had been a ‘massive success’ and she’s finding plenty to spend her digital earnings on.

“The first thing I did was lash extensions, because that helps with my appearance, then I got my nutrition and skincare sorted … it’s just as important to take care of the inside of your body.

“On the business side of things, I got business cards printed and a banner that has ‘Qoin accepted here’ on it,” added The Voice 2014 contestant (Team Kylie) who has worked on the same record label as The Veronicas.

The most significant achievement she had in her Qoin journey so far had been finding a publicist.

“A publicist is something I have always, always wanted, but have never had because I couldn’t afford it, it’s just a huge expense … this is a huge step for me.”

Candice, 34, continues to chart an upward course in her music career. Channel Nine has teamed up with her for a new TV show due to air later in the year, and she has a YouTube channel of her own that features all her music to date.

For now, though, she is committed to living ‘an abundant life’. “We’re supposed to have as much fun as we possibly can, lavishly, and just have the greatest time,” she noted.

Available for local gigs, Candice is also part of the hospitality team at The Italian Kitchen Co. in Mermaid Waters.

“I used to waitress when I was 19, and 15 years later I’m doing it again. It’s fun, I get some exercise, I build up my Qoin and I’m helping them use Qoin in their business.”

While a relative newcomer to the Qoin community – she began transacting in April – Candice has some advice for anyone who may be considering getting involved.

“It’s stupid not to, you can’t go wrong, you just need to feel it out and see what works for your business,” she said.

To book Candice or to find out more about her check out her Facebook page or her listing in the Qoin directory.