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Going from a mathematician/IT executive to full-time photographer is quite the career pivot, but for Ran Fuchs it was a move that just ‘clicked’.

The Sydneysider said he had always had an interest in imagery and the creative arts.

An avid traveller and wildlife enthusiast, Ran has also practised martial arts, so it is no surprise that his photographic talents span a mixture of nature and sports.

“I started by photographing wildlife in my spare time,” Ran told us. “Then I started taking my photographs to the next level. I studied photography and bought better equipment and began selling my work in a few galleries and online.”

Ran admitted his research even extended to scuba diving photography, sky diving, rock climbing and surfing– everything to do with action and speed and adrenalin.        

“My sporting clients include gyms, yoga and pilates studios. I regularly photograph their training and competition days. They use my photographs to market their business or give them to clients and customers.”

Joining Qoin wasn’t a snap decision for Ran. He considered the concept of the digital currency ‘cool’ and was impressed by its momentum in such a short period of time.

“It’s impressive what’s happened in only 18 months, so I’m a believer in it,” he said. “I’m building a business, so for me the main thing at the moment is to try and reach different kinds of clients using different types of marketing.”

He noted that since joining the ever-expanding merchant ecosystem he had attracted some direct clients who have purchased his prints, which are available on 100 per cent Qoin.

“At this time, I felt clients would be more willing to spend Qoin than dollars too. If you run a business, you make your income in cash and handle your expenses in Qoin. I thought that would be attractive to some clients.”

With a drive to really push and grow his business, Ran believes in the power of Qoin as an everyday utility coin.

“I want to get more clients, so Qoin looked like a good opportunity. If you’re a professional and you’re looking for something different, let’s talk.”

For more on Ran Fuchs Photography, head to his website or search him in the Qoin directory.