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Naomi Galliano was one of those mums who felt a lot of pent-up anger, guilt, and resentment, and she didn’t have much support.

“I found it really, really, really hard,” Ms Galliano admitted. “I wanted to stop feeling like it was so hard, I wanted to enjoy motherhood, and as an extension of that, I really, really wanted to help other women.”

To do this, she needed to find an effective way of helping her overcome the personal roadblocks that were weighing her down.

“I had zero-confidence and a very real fear of being my true self, so much so that I felt like I had lived my entire life for everybody else,” Ms Galliano said.

“I looked to everyone around me for approval and was constantly doing what I thought everyone wanted me to do and be what everyone wanted me to be, but I still felt broken and unlovable.”


It was a program offered by the Institute of Women International that proved to be her saviour. A virtual course called Creatrix Transformologist helped her ‘unlearn’ the negative feelings and replace them with ‘higher emotional, mental intelligence’.

Today, Ms Galliano’s T-shirt reflects her mantra: ‘strong, resilient, confident, unique, me’.

With her feelings in check, she spends her time guiding the sisterhood to overcome their personal challenges.

“It’s amazing … the transformation that my clients have been able to get. When a woman says to me: ‘You changed my life’, that’s amazing,” Ms Galliano said triumphantly during the recent Gold Coast Small Business Expo.

It was here that she made her first Qoin transactions and she admitted afterward that despite being tentative about it initially she was impressed by how straightforward the process of conducting a transaction was.

“It’s pretty easy,” she noted. “Today’s sales were from people who probably wouldn’t have spent cash but were more than happy to pay in Qoin.”

Ms Galliano joined the digital currency ecosystem six months ago and is excited about where it can take her business.


“It is another avenue through which I hope to attract new clients, I hope to grow my business through Qoin,” she added.

Ms Galliano accepts Qoin for consultations, coaching services, books, and workshops.

For more on Creatrix or to get in touch with Ms Galliano please check out the website or click here.