Serranos Sizzles with Qoin

Landing his first job as a dishy at fifteen, Chris Brown has been a part of the Serranos Mexican Cantina family for his entire working life.

Over the journey, Chris’ loyalty and passion have rewarded him with a fulfilling career as head chef and now the owner of Beenleigh’s most authentic Mexican restaurant.

Not one for showing off acrobatic knife tricks or sophisticated cutting skills in the kitchen, Chris provides wholesome Mexican cuisine with mouth-watering flavours and service with a smile.

Unlike some other ‘chain’ venues in the area, Serranos use only the freshest ingredients and best cuts of meat from local suppliers like the Rocklea Markets and Beenleigh Butcher, conveniently located right across the road.

Nearly two years into taking on the responsibility of Serranos, Chris and his wife have been finding the time to make subtle changes to the business – with new décor, a speciality cocktail menu, and adding Qoin to their repertoire.

“The pandemic was the final struggle for the previous owners, but I simply couldn’t let the place go – there’s too much history and too many loyal customers to just let the doors close for good,” Chris said.

Chris’ mother first noticed Qoin while visiting a coffee van at her local school and thought that the concept of a digital currency could help her son succeed as a new restaurant owner in a small community.

“We’ve reached a whole new customer base outside Beenleigh with Qoin – some of my regulars now travel from Mount Tamborine near the Gold Coast.”

“Earlier this year, I used Qoin to get my vehicle wrapped, which would have been an added cash business expense.”

The colourful and buzzing cantina accepts 100% Qoin on Tuesday – Thursday to a maximum of four tables.

Serranos serve all their favourites to the Qoin community, like sizzling fajitas, nachos, imported Mexican beers, and a refined cocktail list with a popular ‘Tequila Candy’.

With extended opening hours coming into Summer, the restaurant can accommodate bookings of 30 people – perfect for birthdays, Christmas parties, and corporate events!

Since 1996 Serranos have been bringing the people of Beenleigh and surrounds the smells and tastes of Mexico, including supporting the Nightlight Outreach Street Van on a weekly basis.

The charitable organisation helps the homeless and disadvantaged every Thursday night with support services such as a street doctor, clothing donations, toys, and a chilli con carne made fresh by Chris.

“Our team of 17 all genuinely care, and we are passionate about what we do,” Chris expressed.

You can enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere with great food on 100% Qoin. To make a reservation, please contact Serranos on (07) 3807 7877or you can contact them via Facebook.