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It was only after years spent running herself into the ground that Prue Blennerhassett had her lightbulb moment – she was going to support female entrepreneurs as they searched for their purpose in life.

“Familial and societal constructs led me to believe that success was hard work, and I was living that out at the time and experiencing a real lack of work-life balance,” Prue explained.

Instead of dealing with the stress of managing million-dollar accounts, regular travel, and long hours, often at the expense of her physical, mental, and emotional health, Prue focussed her energies on Women of Impact.

“We all have this energetic signature that is desiring to be expressed in the world – a business, a cause, a movement, a creative pursuit, whatever it is,” she noted.

“My natural learning is to support women who want to express that in their business, or what I call ‘soul work’.”

According to Prue, Women of Impact ‘supports women in packaging their brilliance and value the work they do, the transformational offerings they provide to their clients, and to charge accordingly’.

Now based in Northern NSW, inland of Byron Bay, Prue has a degree in banking, finance, and international trade.

Through her 12-month CEO Priestess Academy, which is available on Qoin, Prue works with women in Australia, America, Asia, and Europe who have service-based businesses. They are healers, practitioners, therapists, and strategists.

“It’s an incredible community of game-changing women who are stepping into their sacred work. For me I see a strong correlation between the forward movement of humanity and us stepping into our sacred work,” she told us.

“As we step up and into our own power, those ripple effects are felt throughout our communities, not to mention that clients who we serve.

A supporter of Qoin, Prue advocates for women business owners to include the digital currency in their “financial mix”.

“I’ve had the experience of being both a recipient of Qoin as well as now using Qoin to purchase things for myself and my family – from holidays and hampers, to massages and eco-friendly products for the home. There’s so much available on Qoin.

“My feeling is that diversification is a plus. Wherever we can diversify, we reduce risk, so absolutely I would recommend Qoin as part of the financial mix. This is an incredible opportunity. There really isn’t much to lose.”

For any female entrepreneurs who would like to work with Prue, she offers a free online retreat event. To find out more, check out her website.