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The Gibson family has poured itself into winemaking since the ‘70s, and despite some tough times, Peter Gibson is continuing the tradition alongside his kids at their Mount Nathan Winery.

It all began with Peter’s father George, who opened the Central Coast Winery 50 years ago with his son by his side.

“He was a very good instructor and technically quite brilliant,” Peter said of his late-father, just days out from Father’s Day. “When my son [Paul] was growing up, he actually helped train him too, and would give him projects.”

George’s grand-daughter Rebecca remembers her grandfather as a visionary.

“He was particularly interested in experimenting and wanted to go further than traditional winemaking,” she said.

George handed the reigns over to Peter in the 90s, and with expanding the family-business in the forefront of his mind, Peter shifted the family to Southeast Queensland in 2002 where he opened the Mount Nathan Winery.


Almost 20 years on, their Hinterland vineyard is one of the Gold Coast’s most popular and continues to be renowned for its variety of premium drops, including the award-winning honey fortified wine, Winter Original.

“We’re definitely closer as a family [now that we all work together],” admitted Rebecca. “I’m here five days a week [in the office] and Paul and Dad work seven days a week.”

Despite recent challenges as a result of Covid-19, Peter, Paul, and Rebecca, have forged ahead as a tight-knit unit in the knowledge that they can be together in the current climate.

“It’s definitely been fantastic for me, working in the family business … it’s been inspiring,” Rebecca told us.

Just days out from Father’s Day she wanted to acknowledge her dad for everything he’s done for the Gibson family.

“Dad has been so supportive throughout all of our lives; he’s always worked really hard to give us the things he wanted to,” she added.

Peter wouldn’t have it any other way and is extremely proud of his family.

“Once Covid is behind us, I want to start getting my children more involved in the company so I can start to take more of a backseat and get myself a holiday.”

The extended Gibson family will come together on Saturday night to celebrate Father’s Day, before it’s back to work on Sunday educating and swilling with their visitors.

Mount Nathan Winery is part of the 38,000-strong Qoin Merchant community and they currently accept 100 per cent Qoin on venue hire – there are three rooms of varying sizes that cater for 10 – 60 people.

They also accept 50 per cent cash and 50 per cent Qoin on selected wine products.

For more on Mount Nathan Winery head to their website (online orders are not being offered on Qoin) or visit their Facebook page.