The Qoin Trader Advantage

Termed a progressive digital currency, the Qoin value is determined by a growing community of merchants turning their idle capacity into digital assets
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A progressive digital currency

The Qoin value is underpinned by the merchant ecosystem and is backed by the goods and services of participating merchants. The progressive growth of Qoin has a direct connection to new merchants joining the ecosystem.

The Qoin difference

Based on Metcalfe’s Law, Qoin is seen as having similarities to a commodity. The Qoin value is based on the growing ecosystem which is backed by goods and services becoming digital assets for participating merchants. The more merchants joining the ecosystem, the more potential for the Qoin value to rise.

The core principle of the Qoin algorithm is the average turnover and average idle capacity of a business and the ability for Qoin to tokenise a business’ spare capacity.

What people look for in digital currencies

A sound white paper is the key for potential investors as it explains the true viability of the venture. A whitepaper should speak to the utility or usefulness a token brings to its ecosystem. Furthermore, does the token have a purpose? Can it be used to solve a challenge not only within an ecosystem but in the greater world?

Simply put, the 3 key elements a token must possess are: Playing a role in an ecosystem, having features to enable it to play that role and finally having a purpose or true meaning to the ecosystem.

Qoin Trader Benefits

Qoin underpins a growing community of buyers and sellers. With transactions happening, you are backing a living breathing digital currency, not a “concept”

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