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Building a global community of buyers and sellers with a common goal. Prosperity.

Earn, trade, buy and sell on marketplaces and platforms that are open to all.

Qoin is the digital currency that powers the Qoin ecosystem. Consumers and Merchants buy and sell real goods and services over platforms that accept Qoin towards payment.


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This graph represents the value of Qoin when traded to participating merchants in the ecosystem as payment for goods and services. It does not represent the buy or sell price of Qoin on any cryptocurrency exchange. Prior to owning Qoin, you should consider the following:
• The value of Qoin can be realised by making payments in Qoin, to a participating Qoin merchant for products and services.
• The Qoin value is frequently calculated by an algorithm. The algorithm is based on the USD, the circulating supply of Qoins and the average spare capacity of validated merchants. The spare capacity of a merchant is initially calculated as an average business turnover of US$500,000 per annum multiplied by a spare capacity factor of 25%. This value is then converted to the local currency when published.
• The historical value of Qoin in the graph does not represent any form of projection as to the future value of Qoin.

How Qoin Works

We generated significant amount of extra business and customers.
And on the other side offset normal business expenses by paying for them in Qoin thus saving the cash that we would normally had to pay.
Been a merchant now for 2years, and besides a few rogue merchants it's been great so far.

AndrewGreat business tool

Simple to transfer coin. Easy to use in general. The latest update 1.60 at time of writing, ironed out some teething problems. The directory is a little sluggish but easy to find merchants - looking forward to more being added. Definitely worth signing up as a merchant to see where it goes. It's ground floor and still rolling out and there's literally nothing to loose - there's zero outlay.

Scott Newton

Have been with Qoin since it's early days and it's amazing. So glad I jumped on board when I did as I have experienced insane growth from it. Was a little worried when I read Bartercard are the initiators but it has proven to be very different and has none of the flaws that Bartercard has. I rarely go anywhere that doesn't accept Qoin these days, and once l spend some of my Qoin, I get that back in appreciation the next day anyway!
Definitely recommend to all small and medium business owners & everyone who likes

NaddzzeeMust Have!

I have been using goin for the last nine months now and absolutely love how it's been growing and how more and more businesses are joining the network. I log in every day and it's amazing to see my money grow! It's brought in new sales for my business and help me find new suppliers as well. Plus I can use it for little luxuries that I wouldn't have spent money on in cash, simply because I can, including a luxurious B&B on the Goldcoast. Amazing. Ultimately my goal is to buy real estate on goin, and I believe this will be possible very soon.

Dee AustraliaAbsolutely love Qoin!