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With over 30 years of success supporting small business’ globally through the Bartercard brand, Qoin realised the need for global commerce to adopt a widely used, reliable digital currency platform that enables consumers to spend with their favourite merchants instore or online.

The Qoin Wallet is an Australian regulated product, registered under BPS Financial Limited ABN 99 604 899 381 as authorised representative No.1279598 of PNI Financial Services Pty Ltd ABN 74 151 551 076
AFSL 408735

Terms of Use apply to Qoin. Click here to view Terms of Use.

How Qoin Works

Qoin is designed as a digital currency. Participating merchants will accept Qoin as payment for real goods & services.  The purchasing power of a Qoin token within the ecosystem of participating merchants, is described as Qoin’s ‘value’.  The graph below shows the historical value of Qoin over the last 30 days.

Because Qoin can also be traded on Block Trade Exchange Limited (BTX), Qoin tokens have a daily buy or sell price.  The daily buy/sell prices represent how much the Qoin tokens can be traded for on BTX, and are different to the ‘value’ of Qoin.  For this reason, the value may be different to the buy or sell price on BTX.

For more information on how the value is calculated, refer to the whitepaper and refer to the BTX Fact Sheet. The daily buy or sell prices can be viewed at the BTX website.

This graph represents the value of Qoin when traded to participating merchants in the ecosystem as payment for goods and services. It does not represent the buy or sell price of Qoin on any cryptocurrency exchange.

Prior to owning Qoin, you should consider the following:
• The value of Qoin can be realised by making payments in Qoin, to a participating Qoin merchant for products and services.
• The Qoin value is frequently calculated by an algorithm. The algorithm is based on the USD, the circulating supply of Qoins and the average spare capacity of validated merchants. The spare capacity of a merchant is initially calculated as an average business turnover of US$500,000 per annum multiplied by a spare capacity factor of 25%. This value is then converted to the local currency when published.
• The historical value of Qoin in the graph does not represent any form of projection as to the future value of Qoin. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.
• Qoin is not a security or other financial product and does not promise any return including interest or dividends. There are commercial risks associated with buying and selling cryptocurrencies and you should ensure you are familiar with these risks by making your own enquiries.


Validated Merchants

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Buy and Sell Qoin

Qoin can be traded as a digital currency on an exchange operated by Block Trade Exchange Limited (BTX) at the BTX daily buy or sell price.

The price information of Qoin can be viewed on BTX.
Daily ‘sell limits’ apply to transactions of Qoin on BTX.  These are based on the supply and demand of buyers and sellers.  The limits may apply to the number of transactions, or the amount that may be transacted.  These limits may be varied or increased at any time, depending on market conditions.  The current sell limit is $125 per day per person, subject to buyer demand.

Please refer to the BTX website for Terms of Use and further information prior to trading in Qoin.

For more information about the price of Qoin when trading on BTX and the value of Qoin when using it to purchase goods and services, see BTX Fact Sheet.

Current Qoin Performance

• The Average price is the midpoint between the Buy price and the Sell price
• Qoin Market Capitalization is the Circulating Supply multiplied by the Qoin Average Price

How it Works

Qoin offers participating merchants the opportunity to accept Qoin as payment therefore increasing their customer base and reducing their spare capacity and building more profitability. All this in a zero cost to join model.

  • How it Works
  • Simple & Secure

    Qoin is the next generation of digital currency, offering the buyer and seller secure, simple and super fast transactions online or in store. You have the flexibility of using your digital currency to offset daily cash expenses both in the business or home by engaging with participating merchants, or hold onto your Qoin for the potential of future growth and the ability to exchange into fiat currency using Blocktrade Exchange Limited.

  • Simple & Secure
    • Digital Community

      A global community of buyers and sellers with a common goal. Growing the community together means more day to day spending options to save cash along with the increased potential for the Qoin value to increase. The more the community grows, the greater the opportunity for all.

    • Digital Community
    • Qoin Wallet

      Your Qoin wallet is your personal gateway to the digital community. Your wallet holds a directory of merchants ready to do business with you.

    • Qoin Wallet
      • Qoin.
        Building a global community of buyers and sellers with a common goal.
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