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August 2022 Monthly Newsletter from Qoin Association

The contents of this newsletter are point-in-time statements. Please note the date of publication.

August 4, 2022

Welcome to our August monthly newsletter from the Qoin Association where we update the community on all things Qoin. Please watch our QDN broadcast channel for weekly news and event updates.

Qoin Community Group Leaders

As the Qoin project continues to gain traction with decentralisation, the Community Leaders are fast becoming very important figure heads within our community. Over the last few weeks, on QDN, we have been introducing you to these community leaders and we will continue to do that over the coming weeks. The leaders have been busy working on the plans for their community objectives within their portfolio. In the July Community chat, which was held on Thursday 7th July, the community leaders gave everyone an insight into what their major priorities and focuses are.

If you are interested to find out the latest on the community leaders, please go to the HELP button in the wallet under the ‘Community Groups & Leaders’ tab. We publish a monthly newsletter in that section, which is an update from each of the leaders on what they have been focusing on and what their plans are for assisting the community. If you would like to make contact with or have any suggestions for any of the leaders, their group email is also listed in this area of the HELP button. We would like to thank the community leaders for their participation and passion for the project to date. They have taken time out of their own busy business and personal lives to do what they can to grow the Qoin community.

Monthly Qoin Community Chat

Our August Community chat is scheduled for Thursday 4th August at 10am AEST for the latest news within the project. Community participants can ask questions during the zoom. We would like to ask you all to spread the word to others in the community about these great communication tools to keep up to date. So, when you are making a sale or out spending your Qoin, ask the other person if they have heard the latest news from Qoin! Steer them towards the HELP button where all the details are available.

Global Expansion

The global expansion is starting to happen now that the Qoin Wallet has been approved in the Google and Apple stores in the UK, Singapore, and South Africa. This takes the Qoin wallet to 5 countries now, including Australia and New Zealand!  Our marketing team have launched a digital campaign to acquire new Merchants in these countries. Julia has completed an excellent video where she explains the power of Qoin for a merchant in 6 minutes. Any community member can proudly share the video with any merchant you would like to invite into Qoin.

In the meantime, if you know any business owners in the UK, Singapore, or South Africa, send them the video and ask them to download the Qoin App and register as a Merchant. Every bit helps with the growth of Qoin and the Global expansion. If every Merchant in the system just referred one other Merchant, we would grow by over 30,000 Merchants. Let’s work together as an entire community to grow Qoin and expand across the globe.

Community Transactions

During the month of July 2022, the community transacted 3,467,148 Qoin across 7,959 transactions between wallets.


Wrapping of Qoin beta testing has been underway since April and BTX has advised that 109 Qoin holders have successfully wrapped their Qoin. Just over 2 million wQoin are now in circulation.

For extensive information on the wrapping go to the HELP button in your wallet and click on the ‘Wrap Qoin Important information’ tab, where there is also a video explaining each of the important questions regarding wrapping.

Tech Update

The Tech team has been hard at work developing new features within the Qoin Wallet. Our goal is to enhance the overall user experience and continue to bring Merchant focused solutions that enable more Qoin spending opportunities. We are also completing the new foundations to enable the Qoin wallet to be a top tier product within the overall Blockchain and crypto community. 

We are currently developing a live support chat function in the app that will enable you to get access to the information you need quicker, linking you to current help articles and if needed to our legendary Qoin Support team. We are in 5 countries now in multiple time zones and this allows us to support all of our users at a greater level.

Our merchants are our top priority so we are currently developing the ability for merchants to be able to create and upload vouchers that can be redeemed with Qoin. This way you can pre-plan your Qoin intake by uploading a certain number of vouchers daily, weekly, or monthly. These vouchers can be either for an amount of Qoin or they can be for specific products and services and the transaction will be facilitated between the seller and buyer all through the Qoin app. 

We realise that Qoin is a community and for a community to thrive they need to be able to communicate.  We know the current in app chat functionality leaves much to be desired, so we are giving it a total refresh!  Push notifications for when you receive a message and also a new space for merchants and consumers to connect and share their Qoin wins. 

 Lastly, within our next major release which is due in the next few months, you can expect to see a wallet that not only hosts the Qoin blockchain and native Qoin token but other top chains and tokens.  This will allow for greater interoperability for the Qoin ecosystem as we bridge into the greater crypto and blockchain community. 

Class Action

On 20 July the Honourable Judge ordered in favour of the Respondents a Security for Costs order for $750,000 payable by the Applicants to the Court in Australian Dollars or bank guarantee by 7 October. This order for security is only until mediation. Should the matter progress beyond mediation then a further substantial security for costs order will be sought for the court trial. The Honourable Judge further ordered that all proceedings are stayed until the Security for Costs have been paid. On 27 July the Court further ordered that the Applicants also pay the Respondents legal costs of this application.  We are pleased with the decision of the judge and want to thank the community for their continued support for our important global Qoin project.

Coupon Website

The New Projects Community Group Leaders have been busy working on the Coupon Offer Website, which plans to start the Beta testing phase later this month.

Merchants can use the coupon system to upload their Qoin deals to attract new customers into their business.  If people are wanting to spend their Qoin, there’s an enthusiastic community of people that will want to grab the best Qoin Coupons. The Coupon System should improve liquidity and spending for participating Merchants.

Networking Events

During July, Emil Verster, one of our Community Group Leaders launched the Qoin Group Networking Events with a roadshow of events held in Brisbane, Sydney & the Gold Coast.

These small networking events bring together Merchants from the same neighbourhoods, and from various industries, and because of the power of Qoin – help grow their businesses.

The purpose of the Group Networking Events is to meet regularly as a small, closed networking group and learn more about each other’s industries and understand if you have any business needs, e.g., introductions, Qoin best practice, etc.

From these Events, several Qoin Merchants have volunteered to become Event coordinators and run their own events on an ongoing basis. There has also been interest from Merchants in both Melbourne and Perth who are motivated to host events.

If you are a Qoin Merchant and interested in hosting or joining a Small Networking Group in your area, please contact Qoin HQ Networking Group Support via email [email protected]


Thank you to our Association Members and the Qoin community for your support over the past 12 months and we look forward to an exciting year of trading by our community.