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Welcome 2023 Newsletter

The contents of this newsletter are point-in-time statements. Please note the date of publication.

30 January 2023

Welcome to 2023 and our January newsletter where we update the community.

The Qoin team is preparing for a big 2023 where the focus will be to maximise the usage and utility of our Qoin digital currency.

Please also watch our QDN broadcast channel for regular news and events updates.

Monthly Qoin Community Chat

The first Community Chat for 2023 will be held at 10.00am AEST on Thursday 2 February. We encourage community participation, and this is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have during the Zoom.

Please visit the HELP Button in your Qoin App and tap the Monthly Qoin Community Chat topic for the zoom details and to submit agenda items for the next chat.

Tech Update

The tech team has made further progress on several new features for our Qoin app to enhance your overall experience. These include:

  • Live Chat support functionality
  • Ability to support more blockchains and crypto tokens
  • Overhaul of the current in-app messaging functionality
  • Biometric login functionality
  • Enhancing the onboarding process for a greater customer experience

Our iOS and Android wallets will be released to the community leaders during February for beta testing in preparation for release on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

We are also pleased to announce that in February, our Qoin block explorer will be open for a community Beta release.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to bringing you these new and improved features.

Wrapped Qoin (wQOIN)

BTX has advised that 2,389,283 Qoin has now been wrapped as part of the beta testing. The beta testing will continue through the first quarter of 2023 when it will be reviewed.

For extensive information on the beta wrapping process go to the HELP button in your Qoin App and click on the ‘Wrap Qoin Important Information’ tab.

Community Transactions

During the month of December 2022, the community transacted 4,051,730 Qoin across 5,672 transactions between wallets resulting in an average transaction size of Q714. This data excludes internal related transactions.


Have you registered for the Q Hub yet?

The Qhub is your Merchant Virtual Office, providing access to trading, education and information videos and resources for merchants to learn and develop their Qoin trading skills, support each other, grow the community, and build confidence.

Register via the Help button in your Wallet or via and gain free access to the Q Hub Masterclass.

QDN Featured Deals

We finished December 2022 with our 88th episode of QDN on our YouTube broadcast channel. During January the QDN team had a well-deserved break but will be back in February with a few improvements received from the community.

During 2023, if you’d like your products or services included in our monthly QDN merchant feature, please contact us via [email protected]. Remember your Qoin Deal feature should be seen by hundreds of viewers.

Networking Events

One of our final events for 2022 was hosted in New Plymouth, New Zealand by Ruka Te Moana.  The aim was to attract new merchants to the Qoin community and show them what’s possible with the power of Qoin.  They had a great turnout of current and new merchants.  Thanks, Ruka for flying the Qoin flag for the Taranaki region!

For information on future events in 2023, please visit the EVENTS Button in your Qoin App and register for the Qhub to access a range of Networking Events templates and resources via

If you are a Qoin Merchant and interested in learning more about the benefits of hosting or joining a Small Networking Group in your area, please contact Qoin Networking Group Support via [email protected].


Spend more and save more this summer with Grabbacoupon via

Grabbacoupon is a sharing platform where merchants offer great value coupons that can be redeemed in store or online.  It’s a super simple process – sign up, browse the deals, and redeem with merchants.

Grabbacoupon is still in its infancy so more deals will be coming online as the platform develops. We ask all merchants to list at least one coupon – that way we can quickly have 37,000 coupons which will accelerate trading. Listing is easy – give it a go.

Expanding the Ecosystem and Rewards System

In 2023 Qoin will be highly focused on expanding the merchant ecosystem, so the community has more spending opportunities – more merchants means more product.

A core focus will be to design a rewards system and persuade Merchants to use their Qoin tokens as rewards to attract cash customers. We aim to partner with consumer groups to introduce their cash paying customers to our merchants in exchange for Qoin rewards.

The Marketing and Training departments have created dozens of free educational and trading videos in the HELP button under the tab “Qoin Spending Plan”, “Trade Education Series”, “How to Transact” and “Merchant Stories.” Please support the Refer a Merchant tab in the HELP button that includes a 6-minute Qoin video where Julia explains exactly what Qoin is, the benefits, and how to download the Qoin App. You can send the link to a fellow business owner to inform them how Qoin can benefit their business at zero fees. Have a look in the HELP button for details on the generous reward for both you and the new merchant.

Industry News

After a disastrous year for the industry where the crypto markets fell over 70% after multiple bankruptcies, it seems the new year has started with mixed results. The markets have recovered about 25% from their December lows. However, there have been more closures and bankruptcies in January including the large Genesis project. Other exchanges and projects, including in Australia, have suspended withdrawals of customer funds.

We and your community leaders are closely monitoring the industry trends and will navigate and respond to challenges and opportunities to the best we can.

We remind the community that neither BTX nor BPS or any Qoin related entity hold any user funds. This is core to the Qoin project that each user holds their own Qoin in their own self custodial wallet.

The Qoin wallet is created by the user and is a non-custodial wallet where every user has self-custody of their own tokens on the blockchain. The Block Trade Exchange ( BTX ) do not hold user funds and is a non-custodial exchange. The Qoin project therefor do not hold any user funds or tokens, and this is the key difference between the Qoin Project and other Centralised projects.


Thank you to all our members of the Qoin Community for your support and loyalty. We look forward working with you for a prosperous 2023.