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28 January 2022

As announced by the Qoin Association in December last year, a digital bridge has been built which allows Qoin to be wrapped to the Ethereum blockchain. This process will initially be in beta format and comprehensively live tested with invited community members as per the recent voting. After the initial 6 months beta period, if successful, the bridge will be opened to the wider Qoin community. Subject to the voting results out imminently, during this beta period the wQoin team will be engaging with several launchpads on the Ethereum blockchain to plan the listing of wQoin on public exchanges.

Please note it has come to our attention that other parties may be offering community members a service to wrap their Qoin to the xDai chain. We need to caution the Qoin community that such a service has not been authorised by the Qoin Association and that it, therefore, holds a high degree of risk. Any wrapping service not authorised by the association means that the service provider is issuing, or causing to be issued, a different token on a different chain and illegally naming it wrapped Qoin or wQoin. The Qoin project has the rights to the Qoin brand for Australia and many parts of the world and must authorise the use thereof by third parties.

Please exercise great caution and inform Qoin Support when you are approached or solicited by the xDai chain wrapping service.