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Women in Fintech, who is leading the way?

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In the world of Fintech and digital currency, the industry continues to be heavily dominated by men. It has been reported that only 8% of Fintech directors across the world are women. Whilst Australia has widely embraced digital currencies and Fintech, the situation is much the same at a national level. So who actually is leading the way when it comes to Australian women in Fintech? In this article, we look at three female movers and shakers who are making a real difference in the realms of Fintech and digital currency.

Australia’s youngest Fintech entrepreneur
Olivia Molesworth founded Bromleigh Capital, a Fintech organisation focused on providing ethical finance to small businesses, at the age of just 23. From humble beginnings at her kitchen table, in the fund’s first year of trading, it loaned close to $1million to small businesses with 40% of them being owned by women.

Molesworth’s capital fund now retains a focus on rewarding businesses that have a positive impact on their communities. Bromleigh Capital is disrupting the way that businesses borrow money. The company states that, unlike other lenders, it makes assessments based on what businesses do, rather than on the personal credit scores of business owners.

Influential Fintech CEO
CEO and co-founder of Timelio, Charlotte Petris has been named as one of Australia’s most influential women in finance. Timelio speeds up cash flow for businesses so they no longer need to wait for payments – a recurring and disruptive hazard for businesses. With a background as a chartered accountant, Petris experienced first-hand the cash flow problems that waiting for payments can cause. Recognising that Australia is a leading player when it comes to digital currency, Petris relocated to the lucky country to launch her business.

Beyond Timelio, Petris is taking an active role in developing the Fintech and digital currency industry in Australia. She serves as a vice president of Fintech Australia and is a member of the Government’s Fintech Advisory Group.

Innovating home improvements
Katherine McConnell is a leading Fintech CEO and founder who has had a huge influence on the way that many Australians go about home improvements. Her start-up, Brighte, provides instant finance for home improvements and it now has thousands of customers across the country.

The platform lets customers get started on their projects sooner through a streamlined finance application process and a network of approved vendors. McConnell is making it quicker than ever for homeowners to obtain finance, quotes, and get work started for home improvements.

Will things change?
There’s no doubt that the Fintech industry is getting bigger in Australia, but it seems to be men who are dominating the sector. With the industry still developing, there’s plenty of room for change and flexibility.

Thanks to trailblazing women like Charlotte Petris, Olivia Molesworth, and Katherine McConnell paving the way, it’s a great time for women to become involved in Fintech and digital currency. Perhaps more women becoming involved in this industry will eventually mean it’s a sector where women are the leaders.

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