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A successful restaurateur with two venues in Bunbury and Fremantle has made the move from cash to Qoin.

Since accepting 100% payment in Qoin, the owner of Funkee Monkey Eatery & Bar says patrons have been coming out to dine in droves.

“A lot of customers are coming into our venues because we offer Qoin,” owner and chef Raj Palan said today.

One of the first business owners in Western Australia to join Qoin, Mr Palan knew in ‘an instant’ that he wanted to join Qoin after being introduced to the digital currency in March last year.

“The Qoin ecosystem is definitely growing. A lot of customers want to dine out on Qoin and there’s a lot of new merchants joining.

“I could see the benefits of Qoin for merchants and every time I go out, book accommodation or purchase something for my business, I pay in Qoin.

“I’ve wanted to get into digital currency for some time. Qoin is Australian-based and operated by a company that my business has used for many years, so I felt it was much easier to get started with Qoin over other digital currencies available.”

Established in 2016, Funkee Monkey Eatery & Bar serves up Indian cuisine with a modern twist, integrating Asian, French and Italian fusion.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Mr Palan is one of five siblings now working in the hospitality industry and has completed training in hotel management and catering, with stints working throughout Asia.

“Working in Asia has given me a lot of exposure to Asian cuisines and I’ve worked in a number of hotels with French and Italian kitchens. I’ve found every country has their own cuisine but overall, the food is the same.

“Both restaurants have large tables, seating up to a dozen, with many dishes designed to be shared. We seat up to three small groups on large tables and over the course of the meal, they get to know each other.

“It’s the kind of communal culture that I wanted to bring into my restaurants.

With two successful restaurants under his belt, Mr Palan is planning a third venue in Busselton.

“We’ll be opening up our third venue in Busselton and it’s going to be a totally new venue.

“I’m going to use as many Qoin merchants as possible to build the venue.”


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