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Welcome to Qoin’s FAQs

How does Qoin make money if there are no fees?

When will Qoin expand globally?

How is Qoin different to cryptocurrencies?

  • Qoin was designed to be a utility digital currency that was different to mainstream cryptocurrencies. The Qoin model deliberately stands apart from other digital or cryptocurrencies in that it is represented by the goods and services of participating businesses within the ecosystem. Qoin’s primary purpose as a utility token is to be used within the community for everyday purchases. Qoin continues to focus on its number one goal and that is to bring new merchants into the Qoin community to provide greater spending opportunities for all merchants and their customers.The algorithm that values and adjusts the Qoin value regularly is based primarily on the number of merchants joining the community.

Where can I find out the latest news on Qoin?

How much Qoin should I accept in my business?

What are the tax implications associated with using Qoin?

What can I do if I have had an unsatisfactory experience with a Qoin merchant?