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Inaugural Community Voting closes Monday 24 January

The contents of this announcement are point-in-time statements. Please note the date of publication.

20 January 2022

Only 4 days left in the inaugural vote for important matters concerning the governance and strategic plans of the Qoin community – All you need is one wallet with one Qoin and you have a vote and a voice. One Qoin = One Vote and you can vote up to 5 of your wallets.

As the Qoin project ventures into the next stage of its 20-year plan the governing entity, Qoin Association, will introduce a decentralised system to the community as stated in the official Qoin White Paper published on 20 January 2020.

This new and exciting chapter is about democratising the Qoin project towards a global community-owned Decentralised Autonomous Organisation.

As a valued Qoin community member, we would like to personally invite you to participate in this process to play an integral part in the ongoing development of Qoin as we continue to build a global community of buyers, sellers, and traders. We are striving to become the world’s largest merchant trading ecosystem on a distributed blockchain and smart contract platform and want you to be a part of the journey.

The next phase of the project will become more automated, and the community will have the opportunity to vote for key decisions on technology development and governance.

Other successful projects have been studied and key community stakeholder groups will be consulted soon on new proposals.

The Qoin Association plans to achieve increased decentralisation over time. This is important, as it will reduce the reliance of any part of the network on key stakeholders. Ultimate decentralisation will also ensure easier access for developers and node validators to participate in the network and this should improve the Qoin ecosystem’s resilience over the long term.

You can vote by clicking on the ‘Vote Here’ link Vote here >>> 

Terms of Voting


  • All you require to provide to vote is your email, wallet public address, and number of Qoin in your wallet. The system allows you to enter up to 5 of your wallets.
  • One Qoin entitles you to one vote.
  • Any duplicate wallets or incorrect Qoin volumes will be disqualified from the voting tally.
  • Voting commenced at 8am AEST on 23 December 2021 and closes at 5pm AEST on 24 January 2022. This gives sufficient time for community members to discuss and deliberate amongst themselves.
  • Results of the voting will be verified and announced within 5 days of closing.

Please note that your Qoin balance will count towards the voting and wallets may be verified against the Blockchain for the authenticity of the Qoin Balance.