Online Merchant Week

Join us this afternoon as we host our inaugural Online Merchant Week.

Designed specifically to support the merchants in our Qoin Community, this special event will take place over three days, streaming from 4pm AEST (6pm NZ Time) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the Qoin World YouTube channel.

A host of speakers including Qoin Association Director Tony Wiese will provide important information, offering advice, sharing helpful tips and giving you a unique insight into the Qoin world.

We now have close to 40,000 validated merchants in the Qoin Community and we acknowledge how valuable our Merchants are to the continued success and growth of Qoin.

This online event is open to the entire Qoin community and we look forward to welcoming you.

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Have you backed up your wallet?

It is vital that you backup your wallet and write down your 12-word seed phrase and store in a safe, offline place and in at least 3 different places. If you do not store your seed phrase and you change your mobile device or restore it from a backup, you will lose access to your wallet and your Qoin.