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22 JANUARY 2021

Today, BTX announced the results of their first 30 day review of the exchange including tech, customer service, processes and activity.

This review included new staff appointments, technology and KYC process improvements, as well as more frequent adjustments to daily trading limits.

Qoin would like to state that it supports the decision made by BTX as it sustains and secures the longer term prosperity of the Qoin community.
The Qoin project is a mere 12 months old and has achieved many milestones in that short period. BTX, as a registered DCE (Digital Currency Exchange), has the right and obligation, as witnessed recently with exchanges globally, to implement changes and adjustments to daily buy and sell limits in order to protect the community.

At this time, it is imperative to reiterate to the community as a whole that a core purpose of our movement is to create the opportunities to earn and spend Qoin within the community, to support your fellow business owners, and to save valuable cash through using Qoin as a true utility currency. The Q Shop is currently being upgraded with enhancements being released shortly to make it even easier to find products and services to use in your daily lives.

As per the 12 month roadmap Qoin has been launched in New Zealand and the Tech team is completing the global wallet upgrade to expand into a further 5 countries in the next 6 months. We are excited to see whether the demand for Qoin in the new countries will be as great as it was in Australia.

We know with this statement made by BTX that we have the full support of the true members of the community who are with us for the long term. To see the full BTX Update please click here