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Qoin Beta Wrapping Commences – Invitations to Merchants Now Open!

The contents of this announcement are point-in-time statements. Please note the date of publication.

23 February 2022

As announced by the Qoin Association last December, a digital bridge has been built which allows Qoin to be wrapped to the Ethereum blockchain.

This process will initially be in Beta format, and as a valued Merchant of the Qoin community we invite you to apply to an exclusive Merchant group to wrap some of your Qoin as part of the beta version Qoin Wrapping. The key objective of this process is to give Wrapped Qoin holders the best available options to participate in the much larger crypto world.

The technology team has completed the first phase of a multi-bridge strategy, which will connect the Qoin Blockchain to as many Layer 1, Layer 2 and DeFi protocols as possible later this year.

The wrapping process means that an original Qoin is locked into a smart contract ‘vault’ and a new Wrapped Qoin token is instantly and automatically created on the new selected blockchain. The new Wrapped Qoin is simply a tokenized version of the existing Qoin.

During this six- month beta period the wQoin team will be engaging with several launchpads on the Ethereum blockchain to plan the listing of wQoin on public exchanges.

If successful thereafter the bridge will be opened to the broader Qoin community.

It is widely reported that there are over 10,000 tokens or projects and 225 million crypto wallet holders connected to the blockchains.

By opening Qoin via Wrapped Qoin to this vast market creates a lot of potential opportunity for our community to participate in.

Invitations are now open, apply here to Wrap your Qoin