Hear from some of our Merchants and see how they have been using Qoin in their business and lifestyle.


What our Merchants Say

It’s pretty easy to use and people who probably wouldn’t have spent cash but were more than happy to pay in Qoin. It is another avenue through which I hope to attract new clients.

Naomi Galliano


When I discovered how many businesses are on Qoin and how many tradies and builders are there, I thought it was a great opportunity. Use your Qoin, conserve some cash.

Miles Primrose


If it wasn’t for Qoin I would have never worked on that project being in a completely different town – but because I accept Qoin I was contacted to help on one of my biggest projects ever.

Peter Edwards

Westcoast Landscape & Design

Qoin customers receive 10 per cent off our cakes and supplies. Our customers are very happy about paying in Qoin. It is easy and quick. Qoin seemed like a great way to reach more customers.

Lyn Jinman

My Delicious Cake

I’m a big fan of Qoin, I love the community and the trading between and the opportunity offsets. It’s a no-brainer, you’ve got nothing to lose. Because you control what percentage of Qoin your willing to accept.

Brendan Lo

SmartAss Undies

I actually really love the concept, It’s a great, second economy if we can call it that. I kind of like living outside of the box, and in that way, I think digital currencies like Qoin are a good way of doing that.

Sandy Ritchie

GAP Coaching

Our coffee beans are available online and served in several cafes in Melbourne. We also offer coffee cart hire, which is payable on Qoin. Qoin is a marketplace for businesses, and we joined because we want to be a part of a community based and united environment for small businesses.

Mohamed Mumin

Astur Coffee

A lot of our clients are small businesses with limited cashflow, so by accepting payment in Qoin, they may be more willing to consider us and give us a go. We like the Qoin model, encompassing a community and a shop, that is very much focused on supporting small business.

Phoebe Kitto

HR Dynamics

Qoin was attractive to me because it stood out as being different – there’s a lot of benefits, especially to new start-up organisations trying to do something unique. Qoin is a useful tool for people to donate with rather than fiat currency. I see Qoin as another avenue for businesses to interact with me.

Dean Philpot

Moreton Bay Restoration Initiative

I get my hair done on Qoin, my nails, I go out for breakfast on Qoin, and recently I got my carpets cleaned using a Qoin merchant.

Lynn Jaanz

Lynn Jaanz Art Gallery

We’ve been with Qoin since March last year and we love it - at any one stage we’ve probably got about three or four Qoin jobs on.

John Temelli

Temelli Jewellery

I was able to run an event where the drinks, catering and PR were all paid using 100% Qoin which was incredibly useful for me.

Tracey Eaton

Tracey Eaton Art

I could see the benefits of Qoin for merchants and every time I go out, book accommodation or purchase something for my business, I pay in Qoin.

Raj Palan

Funkee Monkey Eatery & Bar

I’ve noticed that digital currencies are the way of the world right now and I’ve got clients wanting to pay me that way… I can’t afford to ignore it.

Jennifer Jarquin

iBusiness Group

The reason that I became interested in Qoin is it seemed to have a distinction from other digital currencies in that it is striving to become a trading currency , rather than attracting just investors.

Luke Shanahan

Shanahan Family Law

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