Hear from some of our Merchants and see how they have been using Qoin in their business and lifestyle.

What our Merchants are saying about us!

What I like most about Qoin is that it's supporting small businesses, like ours.
Qoin Coin

David Pirpinias

Nutty Nuts, Victoria

Qoin has hit the market at the right time and in fact that it is Australian based and with a strong take up has given me a lot of comfort.
Qoin Coin

Garry Braams

Next-In-Line Pty Ltd, Sydney

Qoin is fast, uncomplicated and the people behind it know what they are doing.
Qoin Coin

Tony Smales

Smales Jewellery, WA

We want to move with the times. Qoin is the right digital currency for us.
Qoin Coin

Richard Silipo

Silipo Coffee, Gold Coast

I feel that Qoin is a good fit for my business and I'm excited to embrace the future.
Qoin Coin

Ryan Kirkham

Bakers Delight, Sunny Coast

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