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Charity founder Sahar Ghaly hopes donations of digital currency Qoin will open a new channel of support for Australians living with the trauma of family violence.

The Melbourne woman launched the Wise Angel Foundation (WAF) in 2015, motivated by her own experience of 13 years of abuse in an arranged marriage.

Each year, her small team of dedicated volunteers provides essential items and services to more than 2,000 children and adults affected by family violence. Many others urgently need help.

But WAF receives no government funding, and limited resources hamper the effort.

The Qoin platform can help

Sahar believes the Qoin platform can help. The growing Qoin community offers a diverse range of products and services. WAF would like to receive donations of Qoin, which can be exchanged to provide a wider scope of goods, plus essential services, to the people they help.

Many things are needed, including vouchers for supermarkets and petrol, home goods, a mini bus, gardening and home maintenance services, home cleaning, mechanic services and dental services.

Sahar hopes Qoin community members may also have access to specific resources in Melbourne to increase WAF’s impact:

  • Storage space for a pantry where people can collect free groceries.
  • A house or shelter for people who need refuge (when local accommodation services are full, Sahar pays for motel rooms).
  • A café where people can work and grow in a supportive environment.
  • A reception centre for the charity fundraising events.

WAF is a registered charity, so in return, Qoin donors may gain tax benefits, potential customers and the satisfaction of changing someone’s life.

“At the end of the day, it’s about making a difference,” Sahar says.

How WAF came into being

Sahar emerged from her own experience of family violence determined to become a survivor advocate for others. She understood the paralysing fear that keeps people trapped. And she wanted to offer hope.

“It was my mission to leave a legacy that you don’t have to be broken all your life – you can actually pick yourself up and make a difference to someone else’s life.”

Offering support in hard times

WAF operates mainly in Melbourne and regional Victoria, but has also supported families in NSW.

Volunteers remind vulnerable people they are not alone, and provide goods and services to help them on their journey.

Last year, WAF distributed more than 3,000 boxes of goods, from groceries, clothing and masks to school supplies, laptops and household items.

Some people also need emergency housing, advocacy, a friendly face during gruelling court hearings. Others seek referrals for legal advice, support for medical care or transport.

A community effort

WAF relies on generous volunteers, sponsors, businesses and the community.

Significant support also comes via trading platforms where people swap services or products without cash. Businesses and individuals donate virtual dollars to WAF. Sahar exchanges those dollars to provide people’s needs: furniture for a safe home, school supplies, access to health services, even haircuts.

Sahar is now hoping the Qoin community will empower WAF to reach even more people in need.

*The Wise Angel Foundation can be contacted on 0430585526.
Lead Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay