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A family law practice in Maroochydore is one of the first law firms on the Sunshine Coast to accept digital currency payments from their clients.

Shanahan Family Law, established by Luke Shanahan in 2018, has made the move from cash to Qoin to offer their clients an alternative payment method for family legal matters.

“We deal primarily with disputes or agreements between separated couples in relation to their parenting arrangements or alternatively, property,” Solicitor and Founder Luke Shanahan said today.

Family law requires a degree of compassion. It’s an area of law which can often become acrimonious and charged with high emotions and there’s a degree of satisfaction that we get here in assisting people to move through their matters in a dignified way, as quickly and as painlessly as possible.”

A seasoned investor in digital currencies, Mr Shanahan said the move to Qoin is a first in the legal sector.

“I don’t know of any other law firms that do operate outside of the normal fiat money system. I think the legal sector is quite traditionalist and some law firms may be reluctant to cross over to it.

“The reason that I became interested in Qoin is it seemed to have a distinction from other digital currencies in that it is striving to become a trading currency, rather than attracting just investors alone.

“So, the fact that it’s being used and the focus of its establishment is to have itself as a replacement for traditional money is, I suppose, what grabbed me as something unique about it.

“We consider ourselves one of the few pioneers to offer Qoin to our clients. We’re certainly open to full payment of invoices. Irrespective of the type of matter, the payment option is available.

“I think Qoin is an exciting thing to be a part of it. It seems to me that it’s got some promise to take off. I think by becoming an early adopter, we’ll have our systems and processes established for what comes from it in the future.”

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