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Financial management can be a real headache – whether running a small business or managing personal finances, whatever the case may be.

And while many struggle along on their own, but there are businesses within the Qoin community that can help.

Jennifer Jarquin and her team at iBusiness Group specialise in helping clients to operate, expand, and foster a better company structure; assist with tax and offer advice in relation to restructuring, pre-liquidation, and insolvency.

With decades of experience under her belt, Ms Jarquin spent years working in the corporate world in Melbourne before opting for a lifestyle change and relocating to Queensland.

“I decided to open up my own practice, I’ve done a bit of corporate consulting [up here] but was like, you know I need to help mums and dads, and small businesses,” she admitted.

“I spent many years making very rich people much richer, and it was always my others that were the collateral damage.”

Although she admits that digital currency is a steep learning curve for anyone, Ms Jarquin knows it’s a widely adopted revenue stream and will become more so in the future.

“I’ve noticed that digital currencies are the way of the world right now and I’ve got clients wanting to pay me that way … I can’t afford to ignore it,” she said.

“I’m happy to take full Qoin. Ninety per cent of my business is through referrals, I’ve got plenty of clients so as long as I can pay my staff, everything else for me is purely operational.”

Ms Jarquin was introduced to Qoin by a friend and client of hers, Denna Szwajkowski who ‘just kept asking’ her to join.

“I don’t just look at business superficially, I like to make sure that my client, if a rainy-day hits, that they’re well prepared for it.”

To talk to the team at iBusiness Group visit the website or check out their listing on the Qoin Directory.