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Amanda Brocket has plenty of ‘raw’ talent when it comes to educating others about the benefits of a plant-based diet and now she’s venturing into the Qoin ecosystem.

Her interest was prompted by a need to overcome a five-year battle with systemic candida. With her focus firmly on raw food, she trained as a raw vegan chef/coach and launched her own business.

“The Raw Food Kitchen inspires and guides people who want to have more energy, clarity and natural health using plant-based foods as their foundation,” said Ms Brocket. “It is possible to have a diet where everything on your plate is medicine.” 

According to the brains behind the business, a woman who is also a published author, The Raw Food Kitchen ‘takes customers by the hand and removes the overwhelm they can often feel when embarking on the journey to a more plant-based diet’.

Now nine years old, the Sydney based enterprise offers plant-based online courses, recipes, detox programs, fermentation kits, live workshops, and events. Most recently it added Qoin to the menu.

“Our introductory course, ‘The 7 Day Raw Food Plan’ is now available on Qoin,” notes Ms Brocket. “It’s the perfect starter kit to introduce people to the wonderful world of plant-based eating with easy incremental steps they can take to incorporate more plants into their daily diet.”

Available for purchase on The Raw Food Kitchen’s website, Qoin can be used at the checkout.

“I like offering a different type of currency through my business. Digital currency is the way forward,” she admits.

“When customers sign up via our website, they receive a free eBook and a four-part video series on topics including how to swap out unhealthy items in the pantry with healthier options and how to read food labels.”