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Dave Aberl is as ‘Sirius’ about coffee as he is the strength of digital currencies and their mainstream acceptance in the next decade.

Aberl heads up Sirius Coffee International, a Melbourne-based business that’s steadily grown its base over the past 11 years.

“In that time, we’ve never not grown. We started off small, and it’s just now that we’re hitting our straps,” he said. “We’ve got 5,700 clients, roast 16 tonnes of coffee a year, and last year we grew almost 39 per cent.”

Sirius sells everything from machines to accessories, capsules, grinders, syrups, and of course, beans.

“I’m a big fan of the bold Nepalese blend, it’s so rare and the only one in Australia imported from Mount Everest,” Aberl noted.

While coffee literally runs through his veins these days, previously, Aberl worked as a design engineer for automotive giants like Holden and Toyota. Today, he’s using similar skills to drive his boutique company into a new market – digital currency.

Having already partnered with Amazon, Kogan, eBay and mosaic, a digital asset was the natural next step.

“I hit the point where I was doing 400 orders a week, so couldn’t get any bigger without reinventing the wheel, so when I was approached by Amanda and Sam from Qoin, I got super excited,” Aberl told us over Zoom.

Sirius joined Qoin’s merchant community in February and within a month had sold 23 machines.


“It’s phenomenal, I saw the potential of this new market. Currently we’ve got 600 products that we’re launching through Qoin.

“I probably speak to 80 people a day and eight to 10 of those are on Qoin,” he added.

Proving just how easily transactional Qoin is, Aberl said he spent it with suppliers at pretty much the same time he got it.

“I’m going to call it – in a decade or so this will be very mainstream,” the forward-thinking coffee king said emphatically.

“I’ve got a client in the UK who has lived there for 10 years. He said that it’s so mainstream over there that when his 14-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter go into a phone shop, or any other shop, it’s expected that you can use digital currencies.”

Aberl says he is a ‘real believer’ in Qoin and is of the opinion that in the future he and the rest of the community will be in the box seat when it comes to its expansion and adoption globally.

“It’s going to explode,” he said. “It’s going to replace cash.”

To make a purchase from Sirius on Qoin head to their listing, call David (0402 488 089), or email [email protected].