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Narrowly missing out on medical school by just .65 of a mark in Australia, Dr Norris Feng was already a qualified doctor, with experience in caring for burn victims while training to be a plastic surgeon in China.

To further his career in Western society, Dr Feng left his hometown of Guangzhou, China, to pursue new opportunities and receive a better education in Australia’s Harbour City.

After his qualifications were initially overlooked in Australia and falling short on a final medical exam by .65 of a mark, Dr Feng settled for dental medicine.

In 2016 Dr Feng and wife Camille set up Brite Family Dental to have the freedom, flexibility, and autonomy to perform their work to the highest standard.

“Camille is the Practice Manager and comes from a nursing background – we’ve both worked in the public health sector which can be very rough, patients often feel neglected, and we wanted to change our approach,” Dr Feng said.

“Our family focused practice is down to earth, with sensible and affordable pricing which includes Qoin.”

“I accept 50% Qoin and 50% cash on all general dentistry which includes bridges, implants, crowns, fillings, check-ups and cleans.”

A gentle and precise dentist can be hard to find at the best of times, especially on Qoin, and patients travel far and wide from Towoomba, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast for Dr Feng’s expertise located in Stafford, North Brisbane.

“Qoin brings me new patients, and the best part is there are no fees.”

Last December, Dr Feng began work on a very complicated procedure for a Qoin patient who travelled up regularly from the Gold Coast.

“The gentlemen needed a root canal first and foremost, but after further examination he required 12 front crowns, two back crowns & one implant to reach optimal oral health,” Dr Feng explained.    

“The payment structure for his entire treatment plan was 70% Qoin with a 30% cash component to cover the work outsourced to a dental technician in a lab.”

Without the ability to pay for the dental work on Qoin, the gentlemen would have struggled to receive the care he needed.

For quality dental work tailored to you and your family on Qoin, visit Brite Family Dental for an ongoing treatment plan.