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If you’ve ever spent a day alone at the beach, you’ll know how difficult it is to keep applying the sunscreen, especially in those hard-to-reach places.

An innovation called Bakslap is here to help, and it is available to purchase on Qoin.

Since losing his sister Tess to melanoma, Raphael McGowan has been on a mission to spread his message of sun safety and the importance of sunscreen.

“The middle of the back is the most at-risk part of the body for developing melanoma,” Raphael says.

He first drew a sketch of his vision for the Bakslap sunscreen application in 2017, today, four years on, the Sunshine Coast product is available in 78 retail stores Australia-wide.

“When we launched Bakslap, we not only wanted to spread our message in a fun, positive way, but to create a product that was different – a conversation starter,” adds Raphael.

“When I was introduced to Qoin, I knew it was a no-brainer. We’re always looking for new ways to reach more people and share our message of sun safety.

“We want to be a business on the front-foot, be forward-thinking and be a part of something new,” he says.

Within 24 hours of joining the digital currency community, Bakslap had its first enquiry and Raphael is confident Qoin will also be of interest to their network of retail stores.

“I would say that most retail stores are looking for new ways to find customers and if they were presented with Qoin, they may consider it. That’s another opportunity I’m excited about, to share the Qoin platform with our retail partners.”

In addition, to providing Australians with an easier way to apply sunscreen when enjoying the outdoors, Bakslap is also helping older Australians and those with mobility issues to become more independent.

Bakslap can be used to apply sunscreen, self-tanning lotions, medical ointments, and general moisturisers.

“Older Australians and those with mobility issues who may be unable to reach their back, legs or feet, can take better care of themselves and live more independently using Bakslap.”

For more on Bakslap, head to the website or look them up in the Qoin directory.