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Victorian businesswoman Tracey Taylor admits that she never really ‘fit in’. She wasn’t one of the cool kids and she didn’t feel like she had a supportive ‘tribe’.

Now Ms Taylor has turned all of that around with the launch of her fitness label, and she has welcomed Qoin to the party.  

Known for its tongue-in-cheek spin on traditional activewear, CBFitwear challenges the increasingly unrealistic societal norms that say skinny is best, six-pack abs and a tight bottom are the epitome of healthy and desire.

The label is all about promoting a fun and powerful body positive message to its growing customer base.

In addition to their ranges that are tailored for the gym, running and yoga, CBFitwear has a selection of popular product lines that counter the fitness stereotype, including the Rebel and Larrikin ranges.

“I found most other activewear brands’ general aesthetic was centered around looking like an athlete – go harder, be faster, be the best – and while that’s great, I wanted to acknowledge that we don’t always feel like that,” added Ms Taylor.

“It’s been really rewarding seeing how a lot of people have resonated with our message, which is about accepting who you are and being comfortable in your own skin, so we know we’re on the right track.”

That track also includes allowing CBFitwear customers an opportunity to pay for their fitness gear using digital currency.

“Qoin is the same as accepting PayPal and Afterpay and is already setup on our website at checkout,” she explains. “It’s simply another way for people to access our products. We treat it as another payment channel and we’re happy to accept Qoin.

“I like Qoin’s concept because it makes sense to me. It shares similarities with other payment methods I have used, but it’s more practical.”

For more on the brand head to the CBFitwear website.