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A digital marketing agency embracing a digital currency to take it into the future sounds like a no-brainer, right?

Well, a company by the name of GVOM – Good Vibes Only Moment – has done exactly that by partnering with Qoin, Australia’s first utility digital currency of its kind in Australia.

The agency was established in Hong Kong in 2017 by social media entrepreneur Cola Paclibar, and now with a second office in Brisbane, GVOM works with start-ups and SMEs in Australia, Asia, the United States, and Europe.

Specialising in the health, wellness, and technology industries, Ms Paclibar and her team aim to ‘bridge the gap between them’, working primarily with brands that are targeted toward health, wellness, or sustainability.

“These two different industries – health and technology – can create so much in the future. At GVOM, we want to contribute to the overall wellbeing of people and build authentic, positive, and supportive online communities,” said Ms Paclibar.

According to the founder/CEO, GVOM believes in community and coming together to support each other.

It is a ‘platform free of judgment’ that provides creative services to help with digital storytelling and elevating brands online and offline, including digital marketing, social media, graphic and website design, illustration, video editing, sub-titling, and branding.

“We saw Qoin as a good opportunity to build our community and offer our services,” Ms Paclibar added.

“With an international client base, our agency works in a lot of different currencies. There are challenges associated with money transfers and exchange rates, meaning we incur a loss, and our clients pay more. Qoin eliminates this.”

Most of GVOM’s clients have conservative budgets and having an alternative to cash is something they believed would appeal to their start-up and small business customers.

“I think Qoin is what the world needs, given where it’s at right now,” admitted Ms Paclibar, who is also an online personal trainer and self-professed ‘Good Well-Being Advocate’.

“It’s great to see something so new and so innovative coming from Australia. Keeping businesses open and helping businesses to grow even more, Qoin assists us in our mission to contribute to positivity in the global community.”

For more on GVOM head to their website.