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In the consciously minded world we live in sustainability is key and one woman who is maximising on this growing appeal is Elizabeth Morris through her business Us & the Earth homewares.

Based out of Sydney, the two-year-old brand supplies alternatives to single-use plastics with its range of practical, versatile, and high-quality kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and lifestyle products.

“A lot of people want to become more sustainable, but they just don’t know how, and they feel overwhelmed,” Ms Morris said.

“At Us & the Earth, we encourage people to start with one area in the home that they feel aligns with them and go from there.”

An advocate for living a more toxic-free life, Ms Morris says the Qoin brand aligns with her values and her support of small business.

“I believe in the Qoin marketplace, and I believe in the concept of moving away from cash,” she said. “I’m very supportive of alternatives to cash.”

“Qoin provides my business with an additional sales channel to reach a new market. I find people are very willing to spend Qoin and my average sale has increased. Qoin gives my business and my products good exposure.”   

Us & the Earth offers a range of eco kits which will soon be payable on Qoin.

“The Eco Starter Kits are a refreshing gift idea and combine the best solutions to become sustainable by using eco-friendly and zero waste products.”

Through her business, Ms Morris offers zero waste recipes to help people save money and reduce food waste.

“Our mission is to teach and empower people to consume less and reuse more to become part of a circular economy. We have taken the guess work out of transforming the home into a waste free haven.”

For more on the brand check out their website or look them up in the directory.