We wanted to create a wallet that was safe, easy to use and full of features for both merchants and consumers!

Available for download from

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Quick Onboarding

Download the Qoin Wallet from the Apple or Google Play store and click 'Create a new wallet' to get started

Everyday Use

As Qoin is your everyday digital currency, having direct access to your Qoin directory, where you can find all merchants near you and around the country was one of the most important features

Safe & Secure

Safe and secure with Face ID, biometrics and passcodes

Simple Transactions

Simple to send and receive transactions. Finding your past transactions both sales and purchases are easy to find

A Digital Community

We wanted to create a simple way to share Qoin with your friends through FB, Insta and Twitter. The bigger the Qoin community, the better for everyone

Smarter & Convenient

Based on smart coin technology, we provide seamless transactions between buyers & sellers via a QR code

Ready to get started?

Download your wallet to get started or contact us for more information