Father, son duo understands mechanics of small business success


Geoff Muir began tinkering with machinery on his family’s dairy farm when he was a teenager.

“I was quite interested in that and then one day I took mum’s car just down the road for a service, I knew the guy who ran it and asked him if there was any chance that I could do some work experience during the Christmas holidays,” Geoff recalled. “Two days into it he offered me a job.”

While it came as a surprise to Geoff’s parents, who expected he’d go to agricultural college, five years later, at just 23, he was running his own business.

“I’m now 54 and my son Bradley has been working with me since he was 14,” said Geoff from his BLC Auto Repairs workshop in Wollongong. “He was a trainee by the time he was 19, and we’ve got a couple of other boys who work for us.”

Having lived his whole life on the NSW South Coast, Geoff joked that after 35 years as a mechanic, Bradley now runs the workshop and he’s the so-called ‘office manager’.

“We get on fairly well, we don’t have too many dramas to tell you the truth, it’s really nice to be around younger people to be honest,” he added.

With 5,000 customers on their books and more than enough work on, Geoff is a relatively new merchant on Qoin.

“I quite like the concept of it, I’m a bit of a digital currency fan anyway, you know, I like Bitcoin and trading in cryptocurrencies myself,” he added.

“I’m happy for people to pay for services through Qoin, and small repairs depending on what’s needed, I’m happy to do Qoin transactions if it works.”

Geoff knows he can spend his Qoin on some of his business expenses instead of dipping into his cash.

“The first thing I need to do is get some business cards and then we’re going to get on to some marketing,” said Geoff, who is ‘in a happy place right now’ among the 38,500-strong Qoin merchant community, working and playing alongside his son.

“It’s very situation normal [despite lockdown], we fish together, and we work together.”

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