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Spring has arrived, and that means warmer days, colourful blooms and a brighter outlook.

Wildflowers, jacarandas, and tulips are all blossoming across the country, and despite Covid-19 restrictions, flowers are a means of bringing happiness into people’s lives.

Nader and Rita Khoshaba know only too well what a flower arrangement, or even a single rose can do for someone.

The pair run Annabella K Florist in Melbourne’s Gladstone Park and have done since 2014.


“Spring is a busy season for us, it’s the start of the wedding season. We have all the spring blooms as well as preserved roses, bouquets, and arrangements,” said Nader. “We’ve got regular customers that order flowers all the time, ones that smell and others that are fragrant-free.”

Nader admitted that his wife Rita was the most creative of the two and it had been her love of flora that had instigated the opening of the store.

It has become their primary business since being forced to close their restaurant due to the rolling lockdown situation in Australia’s southern states.

Annabella K Florist joined the Qoin community in April 2020 after Nader came across it through one of his hospitality customers.

“I spoke to his agent Ange Ryan, and then after signing on I set all my friends up,” he added. “It’s going really well for us.”

Nader and Rita accept 100 per cent Qoin at the florist for their goods but can’t offer delivery on it as that cost is part of a third-party partnership with Uber.

Since becoming an active Merchant just over a year ago, Nader said he had used the Qoin he had accumulated to buy stock, other than flowers – the variety of which are dependent on availability, trucks etc – that they’d introduced into the business.

“Things like wax candles, mini bottles, glasses with engraving on it, artificial plants, like cacti. I’m also importing high-end wine that we put into hampers and packages,” Nader added.

So, if you’re in the market for a bunch of colourful flowers to brighten up your home or know someone who could do with something to put some extra ‘spring’ in their step, check out the Annabelle K Florist website.

Please note ordering can only be done over the phone by calling 03 9338 1210.

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